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“Volunteering is the ultimate exercise in democracy. You vote in elections once a year, but when you volunteer, you vote every day about the kind of community you want to live in”. ~Author Unknown

If you have free time & want to come play with us…..
please call Andrea @ 603-352-3200 for dates available. Thank you in advance!

Join Our Force of Volunteers

Different Ways to Get Involved
We are very fortunate to have many dedicated volunteers and always look forward to having new volunteers join us. If you call and we are not able to schedule you right away, please don’t be discouraged, we typically book at least a month ahead.
Take a moment to think about your neighbors… Many of us take food and daily necessities for granted, but for some it’s not that simple. The holidays are a time to show how much you care, and what better time to start than now.
Make a donation, join a food drive, deliver food boxes, volunteer your time….. Individuals, families, work groups and civic organizations are encouraged to reserve time to help make a difference this year by calling (603) 352-3200.
We can answer your questions, schedule volunteer time and provide an informational tour of our facility. Whatever you can give, we are genuinely appreciative of your efforts. Volunteering can change your life. After you’ve seen TCK’s operations, we’re sure you’ll agree.
“It was my pleasure to experience the outstanding service provided by The Community Kitchen. I had the opportunity to serve dinner last Thursday and to see first hand the process of preparing and serving a great meal. After serving was over we all completely cleaned the facility to be ready for the next meal. It’s quite a process and a great service to the community.”

– Joe Walier, Walier Chevrolet

Current Areas in Need of Volunteers:

Sign up Below.

    Kitchen Prep (M-F, 10:30am to 1pm)
    Serve & Clean-up (M-F, 4-7PM or until done)
    On-Call (short notice prep/serve-clean-up)
    Sorting/Bagging Food (M-TH, 9am-12pm)
    Truck Unloading — On Call (short Notice)
    Must be 18+
    Distribution Line Drive Through (Wed 12-5:30pm)
    Distribution Line Walk through (Thu 11am-4pm)
    Deliveries (Thu 9-11am)
    Holiday Distribution
  • Special Events (fundraising events, usually Saturdays)
  • Gleaning (picking vegetables from local donors, on call/short notice)

Create a fundraising event.

Fenton Family Dealerships hold an annual Christmas Food Drive each year for The Community Kitchen.

To become a volunteer, please click below to read the Volunteer Guidelines. If you agree with our guidelines, please print the Registration form and send (or bring) it in to the Kitchen when you have scheduled a time with our Volunteer Coordinator [Click Here].