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Gleaning Coordinator

Meet Sarah Harpster. Sarah started the gleaning program for TCK in 2013 with 9 initial farms on board. In its first year the program gleaned 24,480 lbs. of fresh produce. In its second year, 2014, the Gleaning Program collected 34,371 pounds of produce grown in Cheshire County at local farms and gleaned at charitable gardens that were created in and around the city by local businesses.

Gleaning News

In 2017, the gleaning project collected 32,872 pounds of produce. This was the second smallest annual total in our five-year history partly due to a cold and wet season, changes in partnering farm’s operations and a loss of a gleaning assistant. Thirty-eight volunteers gave us about 213 hours of service. We saw an increase in the number of individual home gardeners, as well as commercial farms, donating to our gleaning project in 2017.

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Gleaning Opportunities

Charitable, Community Gardens & Commercial Growers

The number of contributors to the gleaning program has continued to expand since our records began in 2013. In 2017, 29 individuals (“home gardeners”) donated 851 pounds of produce; 8 charitable gardens donated 3,154 pounds of produce; and 17 commercial growers donated 28,602 pounds of produce to the gleaning program.

In 2017 Sarah made 102 visits to 4 community gardens, with an average gleaning of 25 pounds per visit. By contrast, she made 89 visits to commercial farms, with an average of 286 pounds gleaned per visit. This indicates the importance of finding other people to tend to these regular duties, especially as they stand in the way of scheduling more gleaning opportunities at commercial farms.

Gleaning corn at Pete's Stand

Cherry tomato harvest from a local farm

Tubs of cherry tomatoes harvested from a local farm.


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Charitable Gardens – Community Gardens – Commercial Growers

Gleaning Sources

Antioch Campus Garden

Angel Wing Farm

C&S Garden at Optical Avenue

C&S Garden at Summit Road

Cheshire Garden

Fertile Fields Farm

Community Garden Connections Westmoreland Garden Project

Green Wagon Farm

Keene Farmer’s Market

Keene Housing Authority

Liberty Mutual Garden

Little Greens (microgreens)

Maple Lane Farm

Mayfair Farm

New Dawn Farm

Nye Hill Farm

Pete’s Stand

Picadilly Farm

Pisgah Farm

Rick’s Vegetable Stand

Tracie’s Community Farm

UPS Garden

The Wheelock School Garden

Wingate Farm

Walpole Valley Farm